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This online course offers 24 instruction videos, 16 lessons, over 10 hours of video, access to the SYR certified coaches and complimentary review at the end of the course.

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Simplify Your Retirement Course

Simplify Your Retirement comprehensive personal finance course empowers people to prepare for a stable retirement income, while taking the complexity out of the process.

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Prepare With Confidence

Is This Right For Me?

Are you between the ages of 50 and 70, concerned with your finances, wanting to prepare for market volatility and/or looking for guidance when it comes to Social Security? This course is for you. 

What Will You Learn?

The curriculum focuses on risks to avoid, when it’s best to take social Security, how to develop reliable retirement income while discussing how to incorporate health care, inflation and tax considerations into an overall plan. 

Why Now?

With market volatility, what better time than now to ensure confidence in your retirement planning strategy? The basic financial rules have shifted, and you need to be informed.

Course Length

From start to finish you should prepare to spend about five weeks completing the course work.  The course is split into modules that are easy to navigate and work through at your leisure. 

Success Stories

SYR Couple3

"The biggest take away from the class was the three bucket approach to retirement money that enables you to address short term - rainy day costs, protect the income you require for your retirement budget and still grow your money like we've been doing all these years."

Jeff and Janie
SYR Graduates
Couple 3

"Before SYR, all we had was hope, and that's not much of a plan.  Now we have a specific plan.  The course allowed me to get to know Stephen, his philosophy, and to feel secure in creating that plan together."

Mike and Kim
SYR Graduates

"Planning is important and figuring out how much income in retirement is different for everyone.   There are products available we didn't even know existed that work with our plan to provide both life insurance and long-term health care benefits.  Ultimately, the course led me to retire early (age 62) and with confidence that I will have enough income."

Doug and Susan
SYR Graduates

By The Numbers

Retirement age
$ 120 K
Money Saved
1 K
Aging Population
1 M
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